2014: Commitments new and old

By the end of last year, the excitement around the South African fulfillment of its Commitments had become quite reserved – with the Independent Review Mechanism echoing the concerns of South African civil society that not much progress was made in the period between September 2011 and the end of 2013.
In spite of this reticence, the South African government chose to table renewed Commitments in London which will serve as the basis for our monitoring over the coming months. Though a more detailed breakdown will be provided later (ODAC is busy trying to ascertain the exact scope of the Commitments as we type…), here is a list of the governments ‘new’ tabled challenges as a quick reference point:

  • COMMITMENT 1:Develop and implement an Accountability/Consequences
  • Management Framework for public servants
  • COMMITMENT 2: Establish Service Delivery Improvement Forums
  • COMMITMENT 3: Mainstream Citizen Participation in the public sector
  • COMMITMENT 4: Develop an integrated and publicly accessible portal of environmental management information
  • COMMITMENT 5: Development of an On-line Crowd sourcing tool that will allow the public to submit data on Protected Areas and Conservation Areas.
  • COMMITMENT 6: Implement the Schools Connectivity Project
  • COMMITMENT 7: Human Settlement Project (to be expanded)

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