ODAC hopes to facilitate direct engagement with government in order to progress our OGP results. Accordingly, we will keep a rolling diary here of engagements and upcoming events.


1 November 2013

New action plan will be released at OGP summit in London.

21 October 2013

ODAC receives copy of new action plan, and distributes it to our partners..

18 October 23

Deputy Minister Ayanda Dlodlo launched the Open Government Partnership `Thousand Voices Movement’. 

According to DPSA “The inaugural ‘A Thousand Voices’ summit is aimed at raising awareness of the plight of violence against women while opening the channels of discussion with government to find solutions which will enhance trust between government and citizens.

The event is expected to attract a thousand participants from all spheres of society and kick start a movement which will contribute towards the governments Open Government Action Plans. The action plans takes into account gender, race and geographical location, proposing a range of measures to advance women’s equality and protection.” The new plan is released.

16 October 2013

Invitation to ‘A thousand voices summit.’ issued to ODAC at which new OGP plan will be discussed.

12 September 2013

Meeting in Cape Town of stakeholders invited to the previous WC OGP Roundtable, with discussion of previous plan, and progress.  Release of IRM report on the same day.

22 April 2013

ODAC and other civil society groups receive a copy of the South African government’s self assessment report on the OGP commitments.

16 April 2013

ODAC attends WC OGP Roundtable, at the far flung Lord Nelson Hotel in Somerset West. The meeting is informative, with some civil society and government representation of around 50 people.

12 April 2013

ODAC receives an invite to a Western Cape OGP Roundtable to be hosted on Tuesday, 16 April 2013 and disseminates the invitation more broadly. This is in spite of the last time they communicated with us indicating the meeting would be in May.

3 April 2013

ODAC discovers an advert in the paper on OGP, claiming there will be public participation events on 20 March (KZN), 26 March (CT), and 18 Macrh (Gauteng), in spite of these dates already passing. On contacting the DPSA, we are informed the dates were a mistake and that there will hopefully be consultations in May. However, apparently they claim an event was held in KZN – though they failed to publish any details on the OGP civil society listerve, and the only notice we can find was published on info.gov four days prior to the event.

27 November 2012

While trying to make flight arrangements for the meeting on the 30th, we informed last minute that the meeting has been moved to Pretoria and thus other flights are required.

26 November 2012

The Researcher of ODAC is asked to confirm her attendance for the OGP meeting to be held on 28 November 2012 in Johannesburg. In our confusion, we seek clarity and are informed that there are apparently two meetings to be held: a general stakeholder meeting on the 26th in Pretoria, and the ‘closed’ meeting on OGP in Africa on the 28th in Johannesburg.

22 November 2012

ODAC receives an invitation about an OGP Africa meeting, scheduled to be held on 30 November 2012 in Johannesburg on the OGP in Africa. There are apologoies distributed on the same day about the, again, delayed notification.

13 November 2012

ODAC is informed that the meeting scheduled for 14 November 2012 has been postponed (a new date has not yet been provided).

08 November 2012

ODAC attends a meeting with the Deputy Minister to discuss the way forward.

02 November 2012

Stakeholders a sent an invitation to a Civil Society Engagement by government, with no finalised details, but scheduled for 14 November 2012.

31 October 2012

Following the UNDESA meeting, ODAC initiates a discussion with the Department about the possibility of staging an OGP stakeholder meeting focussing on Africa.

22 September 2012

ODAC is sent a copy of the “informal progress report” tabled by the SA government at their OGP meeting.

19 September 2012

ODAC submits additional comments on the documents distributed on the Monday and asks for clarity as to how the e-consultation is progressing.

18 September 2012

ODAC makes its submission, but receives no confirmation of receipt. And, in spite of the email suggesting summary documents would be sent out on 18 September 2012, these are not distributed either.

17 September 2012

Additional documents are distributed by the Department which are requested to be commented on.

14 September 2012

We receive notification of an “e-consultation” process that will be held on 17-18 September. While little clarity is given on what this means, it calls for comments on a series of documents that will be ended on Tuesday afternoon (18 September) – initiated within less than one working day from the time the email is received. One of the documents is a Draft Progress Report which fails to consider at all one of the eight Commitments.

12 September 2012

After calls from the ODAC to find out final arrangements, we are informed that the meeting has been cancelled.

29 August 2012

DPSA sends an invitation for a session of civil society engagement for a Saturday on 15 September 2012.

28 August 2012

The Department of Public Services and Administration contacts ODAC directly to discuss their recommendations for the IRM review panel.

3 July 2012

The World Bank sponsors a meeting to discuss the Open Government Partnership in Africa. Countries included were South Africa, Liberia, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania and USA. As a continuation of discussions initiated in Brasilia, its aim was to share knowledge among African countries in regard to the development of their OGP plans.

17 May 2012

Government and ODAC present together at the OGP meeting in Brasilia. ODAC were not brought with the government delegation, but acquired separate funding.

11 May 2012

ODAC attends meeting hosted by government and SANGOCO in Johannesburg, though participation was at our expense.

3 April 2012

Several civil society organisations that deal directly with transparency issues feel the need to host an independent civil society meeting to engage on the state of the OGP Commitments.

20 September 2011

The OGP Commitments are lodged in New York.

9 September 2011

The Department of Public Services and Administration sends ODAC a copy of the Action Plan that will be lodged at the OGP summit in New York.

18 August 2011

ODAC and other partner organisations are forced to write an open letter to the President to try and establish the progress on the Commitments and how public participation is being facilitated.

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