Events 2013

We will be updating this page regularly with the most relevant events and deadlines, both local and international, that relate to the Open Government Partnership.

TBD: Regional Outreach Meeting for Africa to be hosted by Kenya

January 10-11: Latin America Regional Outreach Meeting (Santiago, Chile)

February: Deadline for OGP Networking Mechanism to document best “prosperity and participation” practices

March: Deadline for conclusion of process for identifying civil society candidates (along regional, thematic and gender lines) to rotate onto the OGP Steering Committee

March: Deadline for OGP Peer Learning project to explore partnerships with external institutions to work with OGP on medium-term impact assessment, focusing on ten participating countries

March: Deadline, as part of the overall OGP communications strategy, for Governance and Leadership Subcommittee (UK lead) and Support Unit to

  1. articulate what it is that OGP can “offer” governments, through a series of marketing materials (print, video)
  2. create an “OGP Media Council” modeled on the World Economic Forum media council to engage global media on open government

March 31: Deadline for the publication of government self-assessment reports for the eight founding OGP countries that presented their action plans in September 2011

April – : Deadline (at some time after March 31) for Steering Committee and Support Unit to produce “lessons learned” document on the self-assessment process

April: UK Ministerial-level OGP meeting (London, England) (see July and October 30)

April 29: “Community of Democracies” Ministerial Meeting (Mongolia): Regional OGP Outreach and discussions about improvements to the Mongolian OGP action plan

May: Africa and Asia Regional Outreach Meeting (Kenya) (TBC)

July: Working-level UK Steering Committee Meeting (see April and October 30)

July: A vote for government rotation in October 2013, to take place online through an as of yet undetermined but transparent and accountable process

September: OGP event to launch first round of IRM reports, intended to coincide with UN General Assembly (New York – New York, USA)

September: End of UK’s role as ‘senior’ Co-Chair of OGP

September 30: Deadline for the publication of government self-assessment reports for those countries who presented their action plans in Brazil in April 2012

October: Next Annual OGP Meeting

October 30: UK Steering Committee Meeting (see April and July)

November 1: Annual High-Level Conference

Other non-OGP Events of Interest:

May: EITI Conference (Sydney, Australia): Potential networking and exchange opportunities for participating countries, esp. Asia Pacific stakeholders

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