Evaluating Transparency

In spite of claims of broad civil society engagement, the original Commitments that were posted by the South Africa were not viewed by many South Africans as a fair reflection of South Africa’s core transparency concerns.

With this in mind, and as part of South African civil society’s drive to support South Africa’s involvement in OGP, ODAC has made the general transparency of the South African environment an indicator of the South African OGP process. ODAC has therefore taken a decision to extend monitoring beyond the commitments made by government, to include a fuller consideration of the information needs of the South African people. This is being done through evidence-based research, and accordingly we are making this information available here at the Environmental Scan page.

Within this component, we also reflect on African progress on the OGP – furthered significantly by ODAC’s partnership with the African Freedom of Information Centre.

2 thoughts on “Evaluating Transparency

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