OGP Africa

The Open Government Partnership has over 50 committed members signed on. However, African countries are trailing in involvement, in spite of waves of new energy in regard to open government and access to information on the continent in recent years. This is exemplified, for example, by the African Platform on Access to Information Declaration, as well as the AU Draft Access to Information law currently being drafted.

Below is a diagram which, as of August 2012, reflects on the OGP ‘state of play’ on the continent.

Red: represents countries that are members of the OGP and have submitted their commitments (South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania).

Yellow: represents countries that are members of the OGP, but still have to submit their commitments (Ghana, Liberia).

Light green: qualify for OGP, but are not members (Uganda).

Dark green: countries that have expressed interest in attaining the necessary qualifications for inclusion as members (Tunisia, Libya, Zambia, Rwanda, Nigeria).

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